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Vital & Olympus present
Wednesday, November 27
9pm - after hours.
$10 limited advance;
$15 advance after;
$20 day of show.
Main Room:

Xile Collective
Hvlf Humvn
PhaseOne is Australian-born DJ/producer Graeme Duffy - who moved to the US to become the heaviest name the bass music. Dark imagery, heavy drops, and overt use of his metal background are some of the PhaseOne's signatures. Live, expect face melting bass that goes hard the entire time - don't be surprised if there's a pit. PhaseOne's creative goal is to transcend genres, and craft songs that are a little bit of everything. He's doing exactly that with this year's release, "Transcendency." Metal is high on the list of influences for PhaseOne, with guitar often gracing his tracks. Hip-hop (can you say Bone Thugs collab, yall?!) and even djent also stake a claim on the new record, but pure, heavy bass music is always number one.