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People Doing Strange Things With Electricity
Wednesday, November 20
doors @ 7pm;
talks @ 8pm.
all ages.
Free Admission (but $5-$20 donations appreciated).
Social hour at 7pm; presentations begin at 8pm.


Joel Simon (Emergence and the Augmentation of Creativity)
Tom Zimmerman (Make a Holographic Video Microscope with a Raspberry Pi)
David Normal (Cathenge, a Cat Temple: The Mythos and The Manifestation)
Joel Simon: New generative technologies are advancing both what can be created and who is able to create. But the role of computation to creativity is sometimes still uncertain, with generatively being perceived as automation. What is the right relationship between tech and creativity?

Joel is a multidisciplinary artist and toolmaker who studied computer science and art before working in bioinformatics. His works are somewhere in the region between art, design, and research and inspired by the systems of biology computation and creativity. He is currently developing ArtBreeder, an online massively collaborative creative tool and network.

Tom Zimmerman: Plankton produce over half of the oxygen we breathe, are the greatest sequester of carbon, taking CO2 from the air and tucking it safely at the bottom of the ocean, and are the baby food to practically every species of fish. So, if you like sushi or you like to breathe, you must thank plankton. Tom will show us how we can experience the wonderful world of "life in a drop of water" by building a lensless holographic microscope made from a Raspberry Pi Zero, image sensor from a PI camera and a red laser (<$20 of materials). Tom wants to thank the NSF (Grant No. DBI-1548297) for supporting this work.

Tom is a Master Inventor at IBM Research with over 60 patents covering user input devices, communication, signal processing and microscopy. His Power Glove invention established the field of Virtual Reality, selling over one million units. His last Dorkbot talk was on a wireless system he developed to remotely monitor the hatching of sea turtles. He currently teaches Computational Microscopy at SFSU where students build their own holographic microscopes. He received his B.S. in Humanities and Engineering and M.S. in Media Science from MIT.

David Normal will cover:

• The extraterrestrial origins of cats in the remote and far distant past,
• The Draco-Lyran Wars of Transcommodification
• Purrbratory sound technology and Lyran Cat Civilization
• "Holofelinity" - the Universal Cat Consciousness
• Lost Cat Civilizations - Catlantis and Lemewria
• Creation of Humanity and the Lyran Starseed in Human Genetics.
• Creation of Cathenge for Burning Man 2019
• Pussiopolis

David is an independent researcher into the mysteries of the feline space beings. Born as a male Homo Sapiens in San Francisco, California in 1970 CE, Normal has lived diverse incarnations as a wide range of extraterrrestrial life forms throughout the vastness of space and time. Some of these exotic loci of being now exist within his mind concurrent with his human ego consciousness on Earth and provide him peculiar oracular powers of seeing and describing the unknown realities.