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All Hallow's Eve
Thursday, October 31
9pm - after hours.
pop. new wave. gothic. industrial. 80s. dubstep.
$13, $18 limited advance;
$20 after;
$30 door;

5 party multipass: $50.
The DNA Lounge Halloween Extravaganza! Midnight costume contest with $1000 in cash prizes!

Special Guests:


Plus DJs in all four rooms:

Kidhack (Future Universal)
Adriana A (Bootie)
Shindog (New Wave City)
Netik (Meat)
Devon (Turbo Drive)
2nite (Hotline / Harder Better Faster Stronger)

Halloween Burlesque in Above DNA, and ambient performances throughout the night by Hubba Hubba Revue!


Banbury Cross (Berlin)
Harlow Quinzel (Portland)
Dresden Abstruse (Portland)
Willow Wraith (Portland)
Szandora LaVey
Lookie Lulu
Kiki La Chanteuse
Pearl E. Gates
Lisa Hyde
Aerialist Jonbenet Butterbuns
Acro-duet Jon Dutch & Anngela Burt
Magician Gerald Joseph
Miss Conception
...and the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Ghosts!
If there was ever a holiday created just for DNA Lounge that holiday is Halloween, and this is our eighteenth spoooooky year throwing this party! We're bringing you a double-sized Halloween madhouse in all four rooms!

Join us at this can't-miss, annual event for bewitching burlesque upstairs from 10pm to 11:30pm, and ambient ghostly aerialists and skillful circus syrens performing all night to the top DJs in Halloweentown!

Five Party Multipass:

Includes admission to our full week of Halloween festivities: All Hallow's Eve, Booootie, Death Guild, So Stoked, and Turbo Drive! Because we go hard on Halloween and so do you. Limited quantities available!

Plus, this year, we're teaming up with Sequence!

The UK's Funtcase (AKA James Hazell) has been working his brand of energetic, wonky bass music for more than a decade. He's a small town boy with a DJ/producer mother, which has helped his music career by giving him an over the top attitude with the technical skills to back it up. Without the mask, James is just a nice, sober British guy - but once the mask goes on he becomes the aggressive, dark flagbearer of Circus Records and creator of dubstep we know as FuntCase. On stage, you'll see FuntCase flapping around, shooting finger pistols, and hyping the crowd from behind a very strange mask. He goes absolutely nuts, and it's reflected back by the audience via non-stop headbanging. FuntCase is about the experience, and the DJ always tries to have one or two tracks in his live set that you won't hear anywhere else. Influences from metal and drum-n-bass are apparent in the FuntCase's frenetic tunes, and despite being heavy dub you can't help but think of Funtcase as lighthearted and fun.

From the heart of suburban Orange County comes Ubur (real name Max Hadden), a DJ/producer who crafts heavy, growl-filled tracks. He looks like an econ major or a camp counselor and is somewhat out of place next to the serious faces of Yakz or Svudden Death - lucky for him his music stands up all on its own. Ubur blends all the best of the dubstep subgenres together, with elements of trap, riddim, and a ridiculous amount bass woven throughout his music.