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Wasted presents
Moombahton y Reggaeton:
Etc!Etc! & Don Dirty
Friday, September 6
9pm - after hours.
moombahton. reggaeton. hiphop.
Free with RSVP limited advance;
$10 after;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Don Dirty
Dez Castillo
Do you like to dance? Do you dig a good party? Can you keep a secret?

Didn't think so on that last one -- so just take our word for it -- you do not want to miss this one. With plenty of sweet beats, Latin rhythms, mid-tempo grooves, and even a womp or two from stellar moombahtoon/reggaeton DJs, some of the premier moombahtoon artists will be doing their thing, and maybe you'll even get a wild and unexpected B2B set.

Moombahtoon is one of many sub-genres of EDM, but it's the only one that can be credited to one person. The legend is this: Dave Nada, half of the electronic duo Nadastrom, invented the genre while DJing his cousin's high school party in DC. Moombahtoon combines reggaeton and house music, by slowing the house down to 108 BPM. What you get is heavy dub with island vibes when your standard bass meets something a little more exotic.

Dress Code: Kandi, Shorts, Body Suits, Costumes, Face Masks, lighting toys & Gloves are all ok! We truly believe that clothing and fashion is a form of self expression, just like dancing. We welcome you to wear what truly makes you feel comfortable and expresses who you are. No JUDGING allowed!