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Acid Rain:
Labor Daze
Sunday, September 1
3 Day Weekend: Labor Day
9pm - after hours.
bass. psytrance. hard dance. techno.
all ages.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$25 day of show;
$25 < 10pm;
$30 after.
Main Room:

Spoken Bird
Michael Liu
Jungle Bandit -b2b- Gonzofuze

Above DNA:

Just Trees
Iron Bender


No Left Turn

Dazzle Room:

Chill room featuring Psychedelic movies and downtempo music
Prepare your minds for an immersive, sensory deluge into psychedelic dance event culture. Enter this multi-stage wonderland for a night of real psychedelic raving, featuring a range of hypnotizing and complex psychedelic music to make for a truly transcendent night. Come celebrate Labor Day in a DAZE of psychedelic style!

Known for his sleeveless, whimsical synergy with his fans, Geoff "Stylust" Reich has been creating his own counterculture since he was a teenager. Stylust's uncanny ability to melt multiple influences and genres has led to music that's reached millions of listeners, a bass heavy yet timeless sound that electrifies every dance floor it comes in contact with. His distinguished production has earned him exciting releases and collabs with artists like Bassnectar, Minnesota and Truth.

Vintage vocoders, out of tune synths, and low quality samples - that's what usually driving brothers Golan and Ohad Aharony to bravely assemble another one of their "mellowdramatic alternative rave songs"as they claim with a big smile. Clearly made to satisfy audiophiles, critical listeners, and those who were looking for more content, Sub6 took a leading part of pushing the psytrance out of deep acidi forests to the masses around the globe. Their fresh fusion of pop and acid music was attracting people from both ends and eventually became the main stream within the genre.