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Vital & Olympus present
Friday, August 30
9pm - after hours.
$10, $15, $20 limited advance;
$25 after.
Main Room:

It feels like all of the dubstep world is behind Infekt, the young German DJ/producer of the Monsters crew who once lived in the middle of nowhere but still managed to reach the masses with his dark, aggressive tracks. Infekt (real name Christian Fial) is one of the prime movers in the riddim subgenre. This is his second time touring in a year, and that is a sign of his growing popularity: dubstep fans want more Infekt! Twelve seems like an awfully young age to start honing your craft as a DJ and producer, but Infekt proves it can be done. Only slightly over the legal US drinking age now, Infekt has been working hard to make his name synonymous with future dub. Minimal, striking, dark, and above all interesting, Infekt breaks away from common EDM tropes all while maintaining a vegan, straight-edge lifestyle. To the unassuming, bespectacled Infekt, dubstep and electronic music is more than just repeating beats and dropping in a nostalgic sample at just the right moment. It's hard to believe this guy can mix in front of a huge crowd with the best of the veteran DJs - there's a certain look and persona and Infekt seems to buck the trend hard. His riddim borders the darker energies that bubble below the surface of many electronic artists. Youth is the time to stick to your guns, and Infekt is doing just that.