Sunday, July 21
5pm - midnight.
Gen. Adm.: $20 advance;
$25 day of show.
Robot Happy Hour begins at 5pm. Contest judging is at 8pm. Partying to continue into the night!

Spectators and Victims: buy your advance tickets above. Admission includes two robot drink chips!

Robots and Builders: Sign up at the registration page.

Our Robots:

TikiTron (Prepare your sacrifice!)
N. E. BREE-8 (Three Laws Compliant!)
Kamikaze Blaster (Stand back!)
Rum and Roll (This bar-droid comes to you!)
Not In My Eye (Glassy laminar jets of alcohol! Will its aim be true?)
Shocking Robot (More pain, more gain!)
Chaboozski (REDACTED)
Melon Husk: (Pun-tastic and wishes it could fly!)
Arm-N-Yak: (It has an arm, and it yacks!)
Peppermint T (A Tesla automobile with an onboard Tea Engine, providing exquisite tea service to passenger and driver alike!)
Frosty (thermoelectric cooling quickly chills your drink prior to regurgitation from his lifeless robot mouth!)
iZac (fully functional humanoid bartender!)
Marconi's Speakeasy (retro charm!)
Hello Drinkbot (The open source "Hello World" of Cocktail Robotics!)

Our Judges:

Doug Dalton (Bourbon & Branch)
Chris Flink (The Exploratorium)
Gui Cavalcanti (Megabots)

Cup Bearer to the Court of Prince Robot IV:

MC Kingfish (Hubba Hubba Revue)
Do you like ROBOTS? And DRINKING? Experience incredible robot bartenders serving you drinks, lovingly crafted with MAD SCIENCE by the finest competitors in the art of robotics and bartending.

You probably won't get wet. Probably.
Or disassembled. Probably.

Spectators and Victims:

Admission includes two robot drink chips to spend at any cocktail robot. Additional drink chips will be available for $6 each. Human meatsack attendees must be 21 or older.

Robots and Builders:

Do you have a drink-serving robotic contraption whose powers of automated intoxication must be shared with the world? Have you created a pulsing, apocalyptic juggernaut of booze and steel?

Can it go the distance? Do you think your cocktail robot has a chance at winning the title of Best Robot Bartender? Then Sign up at the registration page!

We supply the booze and you bring a robot bartender with whom you'll wow, delight, and intoxicate attendees, and our panel of celebrity judges, for $1,000 in cash prizes!

The contest entry fee is $45 per robot. This also includes entry to the event for your build team.

If you'd rather just exhibit your robot without all the judgement of entering the contest, admission is free! Just let us know on the sign-up page.

Judging will be based on:

Style and Grace: How clever, how dapper is that robot of yours?

Efficiency of Intoxication: Are the drinks it makes good?

Full-Assery: The opposite of halfassery. Does the infernal device actually work, or do you have to stand there tweaking it constantly?

This Will End Badly: Extra consideration will be given for terrible ideas and Mad Science.