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Caroline Blind
Saturday, July 6
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 7:30pm.
gothic rock. post punk. shoegaze.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$10 day of show.
Performing Live:

Caroline Blind (Sunshine Blind)
The Razor Skyline

With DJ:

Amp Pyre
"I want to talk about Caroline Blind of Sunshine Blind. We had a sort of holy trinity of female-fronted underground goth bands in the '90s: Faith and the Muse, Switchblade Symphony, and Sunshine Blind. Monica Richards of Faith and the Muse presented herself as queen of the fairies, while Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony was like a demented babydoll. And then there was Caroline Blind, who was more like Xena: Warrior Princess.

My most vivid memory of Caroline is of her performing at Club Laga, draped in something that resembled an actual fish net while belting out songs from Sunshine Blind's second album. There was something in the way her voice rose above darkly churning guitar that I'd previously only seen from men, and this was exhilarating, hinting at a world I'd never considered.

She was powerful and commanding, and to a very young woman like me, she was astonishing. She was a bit reminiscent of Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde, another brunette alto who made dark rock, but Caroline was all ours: gloriously, unapologetically '90s gothic rock.

This led to one of the most notorious incidents of the era, when Sunshine Blind were kicked off a bill opening for The Sisters of Mercy in Philadelphia in 1997 because Andrew Eldritch decided they looked 'too goth.'

Despite the initial flurry of attention from the press, we ultimately heard less from Sunshine Blind after that, in part because of the financial repercussions of this cancellation.

Recently, Caroline's been getting back out there again. She did a string of West Coast dates last year, performing acoustic versions of Sunshine Blind songs and some covers.

She's still a badass and an iconoclast, and currently has a penchant for motorcycles and cowboy hats. A well-meaning publicist recently suggested that she lose the 'outlaw country biker goth' look. Naturally, she's embraced it even more."

-- Kelly Litzenberger, Night Sky Productions

Caroline will be debuting her new live band lineup this evening, featuring George Earth (Switchblade Symphony) on guitar, and Dave the Dramedy on bass. She'll be doing a full set of Sunshine Blind songs and more.