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Afton presents
Local Showcase
Sunday, June 23
6pm - after hours.
all ages.
$13 limited advance;
$14 after;
$16 day of show.
Performing Live:

Luna 13
Jagged Relics
The Bluegreens
Kenai Gonzalez
Evil imagery doesn't get much more blunt than a ram's head and bloody black leather. Subtlety has its strengths, but when it comes to black bass metal - more is more. And Los Angeles' Luna 13 has embraced this with their entire (evil) hearts. Twisted synth sounds, ominous fuzz, and distortion-wrapped lo-fi sub bass lovingly encompass brutally growled vocals. Markedly absent: any stringed instrument. To get these sounds from only synthesizers takes some sort of black magic, which is probably easy when your producer (Dr. Luna) is a practicing witch. Luna 13 has created their dark electronica by combining a pinch of DnB with a smattering of dubstep and a respectful amount of old school industrial. It's hard to tell where the EDM stops and the black metal begins, begging the question: has Luna 13 created a hybrid that will please fans of both genres? Live, the duo is cinematically scary yet sexy - with burlesque dancing (singer/dancer Lilith Bathory wears a headset mic like a pop diva) balancing out the ferociousness of the music. It's almost too much for a regular human music fan, so you'll have to see it with your own eyes to believe. And yes, they are real witches.