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Vital & Olympus present
Dack Janiels
Thursday, June 6
10pm - after hours.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Dack Janiels
Nothing says party hard like a bottle of jack. So you better believe that DJ, producer, and founder of 40 Oz Cult Dack Janiels (AKA Tanner Chung) takes that to heart during his nothing-but-energy sets - his live show is intense to say the least. Dack Janiels is a native son of the Bay, steeped in the home grown traditions of skateboarding and Bay Area ganster rap. Dack Janiels is super skilled on the production side of things (he's a graduate of well-known SoCal music production school Icon Collective) - he crafts sounds that leave listeners breathless. With unexpected drops, heavy bass, and a definite dark side, Dack is anything but ordinary. Dack's collabs (with heavy hitters like Dubloadz), remixes, and originals are equally excellent to pair with a 40. This brazen DJ embraces his love of hiphop and infuses it with plenty of grime to make bass music that is perfect for an underground party or a huge dancefloor.

Let's get one thing out the way: Aweminus (Brandon Famini if you're nasty) is pronounced 'ominous.' Purposefully misspelling a word to make a moniker is a common EDM trope, luckily this one fits like a glove. Dark, riddimy grooves mix with heavy bass to create a little something for dancing, a little something for partying, and should please just about any basshead on the dance floor. His versatility and likeability shoudn't surprise anyone when you consider that Aweminus is the auteur of "Riddim 4 Dummies." The DJ/producer does not disappoint when it comes to riddim sounds - but don't pigeon hole Aweminus. He sprinkles in a just about every dubstep genre during his live set, and his dabbling pays off, especially for drum n bass fans.