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Vital & Olympus present
Zeke Beats & Pigeon Hole
Thursday, April 18
9pm - after hours.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Zeke Beats
Pigeon Hole
A Chan-Kai
For the most part, we don't think analog when we hear the words electronic music. Perhaps that's why Australian producer/DJ Zeke Beats is so different, and so popular. Using analog synths makes for some unexpected, mindblowing sounds in his tracks. Coming from a turntablist background (he's won several awards for this skill) allows Zeke Beats to change up his live set on a whim, scratch, and create intricate mashups that wow the crowd and cause the dancefloor to erupt. If you didn't know that your favorite producer could scratch at a world championship level, and then you saw it happen live, you'd freak out - and it happens a lot for Zeke, who turned to producing his own bass music after years of playing other people's tracks as a DJ. Often Zeke Beats won't even look at his laptop during a set - a rarity in the bass music world. Zeke rocks stages of any size, from the dancehall to the huge fests like Edc and Shambhala, and has been constantly touring for what seems like years so you know he's at the top of his live set game.

Canadian duo Pigeon Hole is bass music for the risk takers, the rebels, and frankly those who find wonky aliens endearing and would like to hear the music of their people. On stage, the duo is set up like an epic, never ending B2B set. If you're confused because there was also a Canadian hiphop act with the same name, don't be: they are one in the same. Pigeon Hole steadily evolved from MCs to producers, and are sometimes known to mix their two talents during a live show - lending live vocals to the set instead of staying completely behind their equipment. Coming from the world of hiphop, the DJ duo has more than enough chemistry, experience, and energy to keep the crowd hyped up. Atmospheric and the good kind of weird, the duo brings plenty of drops, grimy trap beats, heavy bass, and are even starting to bring back more of their lyrical/vocal side. It has taken time (many years) to complete the evolution and polish out who this dubstep version of Pigeon Hole is and what they sound like, but the duo has figured it out.