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Danny Delorean presents
A Fyre Festival Mock Event
Friday, April 5
9pm - after hours.
house. hiphop.
$20 limited advance;
$25 after.
With DJs:

Matt Haze
Danny Delorean
Have you ever dreamed of flying to a pristine tropical island, surrounded by beautiful women and sexy men, only to be completely stranded for 24 hours with no food, shelter, or any personal belongings? How about drunkenly fighting 3 random people over a cold, wet mattress? Ever wanted to take a week off of work, so you can travel to a post-apocalyptic nightmare? Do you love being locked in a hot, sweaty airport for 12 hours? How about cheese sandwiches?

Well, you're in luck! Experience FYRE'd, and relive the biggest party disaster in history (without the disaster). No longer will you need to run from wild pigs trying to cannibalize you. No need to be sexually solicited for basic necessities, such as clean water, and sanitary bathrooms. You may be asking, "Hey, can you throw in some of the hottest live musical acts of our generation???"

Absolutely not!!! ...but we do have the next best thing: Veteran DJs spinning all of those tunes instead. Don't spend 100x more for an event that will leave you with extreme PTSD. Come get FYRE'd, and get a slightly lower, and much more manageable case of PTSD.

DJs will be spinning music from all acts "booked" at Fyre Festival!

Including: Ja Rule (not actually booked at FYRE surprisingly), Blink 182, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Migos, Lil Yachty, Skepta, Rae Sremmurd, G.O.O.D MUSIC artists (Kanye, Pusha T, Big Sean, Desiigner)

Plus: Matoma, Daya, Klingande, Kaytranada, Claptone, Le Youth, Lee Burridge, Tensnake, Thugfucker, Blond:ish, Niconé, Rampue, Bedouin, Fur Coat, Jan Blomqvist, Lovecraft, BO, Daniel Cowel, Sezer Uysal, Lake Avalon, Rancido, Beto Abrahão, Nici Faerber, Daniel Nydegge, & Stefano Richetta

Costumes are encouraged, with a grand prize for the winner of our costume contest. (The more creative the better, but must be somewhat representative of the failed Fyre Fest event.)

Suggested Costumes: Sexy Vapid Millennial, Douchey Bro, Instagram Model, Hipster Social Media, Influencer, Pablo Escobar, Trust Fund Baby, Lord Of The Flies Jungle Kid, Desperate Looter, Andy King (etc.),

Photo Booth: We will have a white dome disaster tent, with a small air mattress inside that you can take pictures in. We can even spray you with Evian to give you the full effect if you like. Please don't piss on our mattress, or slash the tent (like that one asshole in the documentary). There will also be lifesize cardboard cutouts of Kendall Jenner and Andy King that you can take pics with.

Visuals and Decor: Video clips from both documentaries. Promo material taken from the Fyre Fest marketing shoots. Music videos from the artists booked at the festival. Live footage of the artists at gigs that actually happened. Tropical Island beach vibes, meets dystopian zombie apocalypse. Inflatable pigs, beach balls, etc.