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Vital & Olympus present
Thursday, March 7
9pm - after hours.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Main Room:

Digital Ethos
Big Chocolate
A little bit old school, a little bit right now, Jantsen is a sound designer and beatmaker from Boulder, CO. The producer is in rare form (both live and in the studio), with more than a decade of honing his craft. While you get what you expect from Jantsen's tracks (beat drops, grimy wub wub, an homage to glitch hop, and booty shaking), you also get extra fun as his eclectic influences rear their heads. Rock, jazz, and hiphop styles are woven in to Jantsen's music alongside the heavy dubstep. Above all, you get the bass - dancers come ready to move. Jantsen himself can't seem to stop moving as he executes his mixes live with a frenetic energy that will no doubt hype up the crowd. Fans of Bassnectar will be especially pleased, the longtime pals are known to collab often and Jantsen has a similar style.

Looking more heavy metal than your run of the mill DJ is just one of the ways Digital Ethos (also known as Charlie Quigley) stands apart. The New Jersey native is a hiphop enthusiast with an eye on the future of electronic music. Live sets are rowdy and energetic with more than a little dose of weird/psychedelic thrown in with the beats. In spirit, Digital Ethos would be just as comfortable alongside Dr. Octogon as any of the EDM luminaries with whom he collabs. Digital Ethos is the perfect soundtrack for when your new alien friends land, and you want to show them a good time: spacey, heavy, a bit odd, and futuristic - you'll love it.

Cameron Argon, aka Big Chocolate, started as a teen musician, youtuber, and producer nearly a decade ago in more bands and projects than can be named. Now approaching 30, this red head hasn't slowed down. With one foot in the electronic music world, and the other dabbling with the sounds of metal, he has plenty to keep him busy. Expect some good old fashioned grooves with dark edges in Big Chocolate's bass music, with many eclectic influences making their dreamy presence known.