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Bootie SF
Generation X vs. Millennials
Saturday, February 23
And Every Saturday
9pm - after hours.
mashups. pop. throwback. hiphop. club bangers. rock.
$15 advance;
$10 < 10pm;
$20 after.
Main Room:

Smash-Up Derby (performing live at 11pm)
Jupiter Gatling
Jimi G

Midnight Mashup Show:

Aerialist Catalysta

Lounge: Post Cliché

Bootie mashes up the most beloved songs from the past three decades, all for your dancing pleasure -- it's Generation X vs. Millennials!

► $10 all night with your favorite Gen X or Millennial band or pop star t-shirt
► Early Bird Drink Special: $7 cocktails until 10 PM
► FREE Bootie CD giveaways throughout the night!

MASHUP: Blending two or more songs into a new creation. Keeping your brain guessing and body dancing with creative song combinations, it's the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.

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