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Acid Rain:
Yin & Yang
Friday, February 22
9pm - after hours.
psybass. psytrance. hardcore. house. downtempo.
all ages.
$10, $13, $15 limited advance;
$19 after;
$25 day of show;
$25 < 10pm;
$30 after.
Main Room:

Tsuyoshi Suzuki
Spoken Bird
Dr. Spook
Michael Liu

Above DNA:

Axel Holmes
Leonardo Barcellos
Rodolfo Grellert


Big B
Gutter Kid
Mac Bee

Dazzle Room:

An immersive audio-visual experience, plus DJs:
Psychic Monkey
Opposite forces are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent. We give rise to each other as we interrelate to one another. Celebrate your psychedelic journey and the balance with your world. A party like no other party. Massive psychedelic sounds. Rave until dawn. Music. Art. Dancing. Culture.

An-Ten-Nae is one of San Francisco's most sought after DJs and live performers. He has taken the art of live remixing to new heights with his own customized setup, that bends genres in ways seldom heard. This sound is called Acid Crunk, and there are no rules, no restraints in its quest for pure BASS devastation. AnTenNae is a low frequency emitter transmitting and remixing music on the fly, giving him the ability to transcend above the constraints of music rigidity and transmit bass heavy, crunked out beats of the highest order.

One of the most influential figures in the psychedelic trance movement of the 90s, Tsuyoshi Suzuki began playing the drums when he was 12. A spell in Goa inspired a change in direction and in July 1993 Suzuki moved to London where he formed Prana. He has since became one of the best-known and most well-travelled psychedelic trance DJs and has played virtually everywhere in the world that has a psy-trance scene, while producing two albums and a number of tracks. Unlike many more established 'names' in dance music, he has refused to compromise his values and with his DJing, various productions and record label continues to create, encourage and promote new experimental music from around the world helping to maintain the original spirit of the Goa scene in the face of much commercialization.