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So Stoked
Once Upon a So Stoked
Friday, January 25
7pm - after hours.
hardcore. gabber. trance. house. d+b. bass.
all ages.
$15, $17 limited advance;
$19 after;
$25 day of show;
$25 < 9pm;
$30 after.
Main Room:

Lil Texas
Just Trees
Lord Lust


Smol Beanz
Rave is Magic!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Untz beats could be heard way off in the distance. If a maiden or knight stood at the edge of the magical forest they could hear beautiful music. But only someone PLUR of heart could travel into the forest and find the most magical party in all the land. Deep in the forest, princess, nymphs, knights, and folks of all magic gathered and danced all through the night to wicket beats that were spun from enchanting wizard DJs. Spells were cast all night so the party never ended and peace spread throughout the land. Kandi beads grew on the trees and love overflowed from the streams. Waves of unity floated through the air and respect was felt by all.

Enter the cult of speed with Lil Texas. Here for the underdogs and outcasts of electronic music, Lil Texas has inspired a groundbreaking movement for American hardcore. With his roots embedded in jazz and classical music, Lil Texas shifted from being a member of a band to creating his own artistic identity dedicated to the rave. In his own lane where 200 BPM is his resting tempo, the Lil Texas project serves as a culmination of his true passions, from fashion to culture and beyond.

Yo, what the fuck's good?! It's Spyro from South Hampton, England with his infamous The Turnt Generation Podcast - lit af tracks, funny af chat, turnt af vibes. This is a podcast like no other.... TURN IT UP AND PISS OFF YOUR NEIGHBOURS!! Not for the easily offended or anyone who's old and boring.