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Olympus & Vital present
Ill Gates
Thursday, January 24
9:30pm - after hours.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after.
Main Room:

Ill Gates
Toronto-born, US-living, soon to be a dad, and all around cool guy Ill Gates (nee Dylan Lane) has a long and storied career in electronic music. He started DJing at the tender age of 13, and hasn't looked back - releasing four studio albums, touring the globe, making fans out of burners and bassheads alike, and adding his flavor to the ever popular world of EDM. By flavor, I mean ill.Gates doesn't shy away from esoteric samples like warped Taiwanese folk music and synthesized animal sounds. He's even used his own vocals to rap on a few tracks. King of the bass, the DJ and producer not only makes some of the dopest EDM (and has been for years), he also shows others the way. He's a triple threat: a dazzling live act, a studio genius, and a teacher who offers technical and artistic workshops to people interested in the music making trade. Live, ill.Gates adds more improvisation than your average DJ making his set a breathtaking surprise every time.

Los Angeles' (via SF and Canada) Stylust Beats has been DJing since before many of his fans were born - starting off in hiphop in the late 90s, the DJ/producer (also known as Geoff Reich) blends his first love of classic turntable DJing with the tech forward beats of popular electronic music. Stylust is a big name in the bass music world, having rocked Burning Man, Shambhala, Coachella and countless trap and dubstep fans. There's nothing better for dance floor aficionados than hiphop hooks, heavy beats, and Stylust's rebelliously delicious wub wub.