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Trance 'n Dance:
Jochen Miller
Saturday, November 10
9pm - after hours.
trance. hardcore. d+b.
all ages.
$9, $11, $13, $17 limited advance;
$19 after;
$25 door.
Above DNA:

Jochen Miller (Extended 3 Hour Set)
Jonn Connor
Northern Soul
Selecta & Rayne

Dazzle Room:

DJ Envix
tran·scend·ence - noun
1. Being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge.
2. Universally applicable or significant - surpassing material existence and/or the universe.

Come experience where the music takes you. Trance and hard dance together - transcend through rhythm and dance.

As highly as Jochen Miller is regarded for his unrelenting ability to stay on the pulse of electronic music, the Dutch DJ and producer adopted a particular style early on in his career. In evolving with and integrating his own translation of "dance music," Miller has channeled a sound that dabbles in the tech, trance, and progressive soundscapes since his humble beginnings under the alias, "DJ Jochen." What lay the foundation as a hobby in his teens quickly snowballed into a fruitful career that has landed Miller time slots at grandiose festivals such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, and Electric Daisy Carnival, to name a few.