Tuesday, October 23
7pm - 10pm.
$12 advance;
$17 door.

The Handsome DeVilles

BYOAS (Bring your own art supplies)

Photos only taken for drawing reference.
In this installment of Dr. Sketchy's, we invite you to writhe between the line of life and death.

We shall call upon the Handsome DeVilles to bring forth the Loa, Baron Samedi and their wife Madam Brigitte of the Guede, to bless us with their gifts of protection and healing.

To invoke the powers from these spirits of the dead, we must provide offerings of their beautiful visages.

So, please come join us to praise our otherworldly muses on this night!

Our muses, the Handsome DeVilles build living altars through visual art fusing dance, live music, snake magick and scenic design to create immersive landscapes for the emboldened believer inherent in us all.