Wednesday, September 26
7pm - 10pm.
$12 advance;
$17 door.

Sierra Avvenire
Okami Stormborn
Mercy Daae

BYOAS (Bring your own art supplies)

Photos only taken for drawing reference.
Greetings all you sketchy heathens! Abandon all hope ye who enter here as Dr. Sketchy's embarks on a journey to HELL!

Praise thine underworld lords Sierra Avvenire and Okami Stormborn as they ooze, burn, and frighten us with their hellish adornments blessed by the demoness Mercy Daae herself!

Thou eyes shall forever be changed and transfixed if you dare to join us!

Should you be intrigued about our denizens of the dark for our dastardly dream, look no further:

Sierra Dawn Avvenire is a Professional Model based in San Francisco. She has always been immersed in the arts, with a strong passion for different mediums including drawing, painting, photography, and event production.

Okami Stormborn is a veteran model currently residing in the Bay Area of California. She is an international traveler, a bit of a foodie, and very purple. Music is one of her passions; she is a vocalist and bass player. Sometimes she finds herself behind the camera, along with also dabbling in styling and makeup artistry. When Okami is not modeling, she's usually rewatching Star Wars or Harry Potter, playing old Super Nintendo games, or eating.

Mercy Daae is an innovative costume designer based in San Francisco, specializing in custom costumes for ambient entertainment at events and parties, and hand selects the models and performers who wear them. Having obtained a Masters in Art History as well as traveling and performing burlesque all over the world, she's received a great deal of attention and accolades for her one of a kind costuming.