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Killing Joke
Tuesday, September 4
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
rock. industrial.
all ages.
Gen. Adm.: $30, $35 limited advance;
$40 after;
VIP Meet+Greet Package: $230.
Performing Live:

Killing Joke

With DJ:

Omar (Popscene)
Killing Joke are the most unique and subversive English band to have ever straddled post-punk, metal and industrial. Heavy and slow, Killing Joke have been labeled a quasi-metal band that dances to a tune of doom and gloom but they are so much more. They have eventually become less heavy and more arty (the latter seems almost impossible) -- more danceable, even -- blending urgent slabs of molten dynamite that ooze with the power of thick guitars, thudding drums, and over the top singing with effortless electronic and tribal dance rhythms. They have racked up an impressive 40 year career and have been influential in bands as varied as Siouxsie and The Banshees, Nirvana and Metallica.

Pig (Raymond Watts) inhabits a genre of one. How to describe it? Start with KMFDM, since the unforgettable Englishman behind it - Raymond Watts - was a founder member. Once you have a certain combination of hard rock, soulful electro-pop and funk in your head, you can introduce Foetus' big band, blues and classical samples pounded into place by behemoth of machinery - but while JG Thirlwell was a frequent collaborator and shaper of the early Pig sound, Pig zigs where Foetus zags. We could almost imagine the Pig sound at this point, were it not for the one thing that makes Pig truly unique. Pig makes rock like nobody else. Take the chunky, maddeningly memorable riffs from Metallica's 'Black Album', double them and in distill them into a pure and devastating form. Pig is a soufflé of scorching, searing squeals, pummeling percussion, eccentric electronics and pounding metal riffs with Raymond's voice ricocheting between delicious soulful croon and aggressive, snarling growl.

VIP Meet+Greet Package includes:

• One Gen. Adm. ticket;
• Access to sound check;
• Pre-show Meet & greet with Jaz Coleman and Youth;
• T-shirt;
• Tour poster.