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Hardcore In The Bay:
Ten Thousand Glow Sticks
Saturday, August 18
10pm - after hours.
hardcore. hardstyle. d+b. gabber. speedcore. frenchcore.
all ages.
$8 advance;
$11 day of show.
Above DNA:

No Left Turn
Smol Beanz
Warrior of Light

Dazzle Room:

DJ Smokie
Lucky Rabbit
That Sober Kid Feenix
The Buckness
It's not a few hundred glow sticks... it's not a few thousand glow sticks... IT'S TEN THOUSAND GLOW STICKS!!!!!!! We are FLOODING the dance floor with TEN THOUSAND GLOW STICKS!! RUN in glow sticks, JUMP in glow sticks, ROLL on the ground and make your very own glow stick angel!! Take your HARDCORE to the LIMIT!!!

Above - 100% Local BAY AREA raised USA HARDCORE LEGENDS!!! All Hard Dance Dazzle!