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Turbo Drive
5th Anniversary Day 1: Phaserland & Delorean Overdrive
Thursday, June 7
doors @ 7:30pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
$16 advance;
$17 day of show;
Two Day: $30.
Performing Live:

Delorean Overdrive
Vice Reine

With DJs:

Meikee Magnetic
Five years ago, all the way back in 2013, the very first Turbo Drive party happened. As far as we can tell, this makes us the longest running synthwave event in the world. Carpenter Brut played only two solo show on their first US tour, and one of them was with us. Who can forget the legendary, sold-out FM-84 / The Midnight show, which was FM-84's first show with his singer (his actual first show was also at Turbo Drive), and The Midnight's first ever live show! The first time Sung played in the US was at Turbo Drive. Robert Parker's first US show: Turbo Drive. Over the years, we've also hosted: Perturbator, Gost, Dance with the Dead, Betamaxx, Le Matos, Arcade High, Anoraak, Danger, Night Club, Syntax, Tonebpox, Protector 101, Shredder 1984, Megahit, Vector Hold, Lucy in Disguise, Phaserland, D/A/D, Street Cleaner, The Encounter, FaceXHugger, Beautiful Machines, Who Ha, and many more.

A side project of prolific producer and Crashfaster founder Morgan Tucker, Delorean Overdrive was formed specifically for the first Turbo Drive. That first Turbo Drive was also Vice Reine's first live performance ever.