Sunday, May 27
3 Day Weekend: Memorial Day
9pm - after hours.
all ages.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$20 < 9:30pm;
$25 after.
Main Room:

Total Eclipse
Michael Liu
Dr. Spook
Cosmic Bros
We come together in the magical San Francisco for a night of spiritual growth and psychic healing through dance. Prepare your minds and bodies for this one of a kind journey through the night and into the early morning!! We have a hand selected lineup of world-renowned psy-controllers to keep you tripping through the depths of the night.

Total Eclipse fut l'un des premiers groupes de Goa Trance a monter sur scène dès 1993. Reconstituant sur scène leur studio d'enregistrement, ils guident leur public vers l'extase, tels des shamans du son. Seul membre du projet depuis 2005, Stephane Holweck continue d'enflammer les dancefloors sur les scènes du monde entier avec des performances "retro" ainsi que des live-sets de ses dernières compositions. Aux dernières nouvelles, on aurait vu Loïc l'accompagner à nouveau sur scène...

Makar is an alien formula residing in Brazil with sounds from our solar system mixed with the four elements and his musical background (he started as a bass player on a greek punk rock band called "Vicious Circle" with major influences of Punk + Psychedelic from the 60's), 145-148 BPMs right in the electrical field of the night. Plasmatix is his Psychedelic stories from past and future, powerful music for day or night. Each tune is a different story, full of chackra channeling, emotions and great messages from the future but also from an ancient source.

Barakuda - the founder of the legendary PsyTribe in Los Angeles since 1997, is finally coming to San Francisco to show us the way of the Psy.