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Cocktail Robotics Hackathon
Saturday, May 12
noon - 4pm.
all ages.
Gen. Adm.: $10;
With Hardware: $30.

Samuel Coniglio (Introduction to Cocktail Robotics)
Katherine Becvar (Art and beauty of making a drink)
Ken Mochel (Hardware and Fluid management, hands on)
Kiki Jewell & Travis Briggs (Coding for drinks, hands on)
...and maybe more!
Celebrate the rise of our robot overlords by building their bartenders! Curious how a proper cocktail is made? Wonder how you can make a machine to do your bidding? Come to the first ever hackathon for building cocktail robots! In this program, you will learn the art of moving fluids from point A to point B in unusual ways! Hopefully the end result is something tasty! The program will be a combination of presentations and hands on, so you can touch hardware and play with code.

What to bring: A computer, and an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or micro controller of your choosing.

What we bring: Sample hardware and fluid pumps, access to Python code.

How much? $10 gets you in the door. $30 gets you your very own peristaltic pump to take home, plus admission.

Plus! While supplies last, each participant will also get a $20 gift certificate donated by our good friends at Adafruit!