Friday, May 11
9pm - after hours.
psytrance. ambient. chillwave. vaporwave.
all ages.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Above DNA:

Gidon Garibov
Iron Bender

Dazzle Room:

Chill room curated by:
DJ Ripple
Captain Kitty
Josh Dorn
Ffull melt experience! Loose yourself in the psy!! Come liquify with friends and family, experiencing the awesome power of psytrance & goa to melt your face and mind. Then rebuild in the safety of our community - because it's only through losing ourselves that we may grow.

More than 100 tracks out on CDs and EPs on more than 25 labels and more than 400 shows worldwide in places as different as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Burning Man, The Swiss Alps, the Ascores Islands, the deserts of Israel, and Australia, all in more than 6 years of constant world tour, an ingeniously creative artist doubled with one of the finest and most innovative producer, but before all, CPU is Swiss born producer Samy Guediche, who started music at age 12, back in the 80s, playing guitar in numerous rock and funk bands. In 91, already following on the computer revolution, he bought an Atari 1040ST, an Akai sampler and a mixer to start experimenting with electronic technology. In 1994, he went to California, producing and engineering beats and tracks for artists of the booming west-coast rap industry. This is where he discovered trance, at the Burning Man Festival and at the psychedelic San Francisco Collective CCC in 1999. Currently located in Lausanne, Switzerland, collaborating with many other international artists on a variety of side projects, as well as directing and developing his label Nutek Records, Samy is constantly touring, working, developing new sounds and is looking forward to present the new CPU show worldwide.