Sunday, May 6
8pm - after hours.
psytrance. techno. tech house. bass.
all ages.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$10 with How Weird Magic Pass < 9pm door.
Main Room:

Sun Child
Axel Holmes


Tek Freaks
And VERY special guests...
DJ Marjo Lak
Dr. Spook
Michael Liu
Conform! Keep your head down! Don't stick your neck out! Don't stand out! Toe the line! That's just not San Francisco. Our uniqueness is our super power. Original is good; weird is better. After the inferno in the streets, let's celebrate peace, love, disco, and beyond on this bizarre night in our strange city!!

"...If there's a sound, there can be music... if there is music there is dancing and the world will keep spinning as long as we keep stomping." -Ninesense, Azores Islands

From the origins in classical guitar and piano in Mexico City, to analog synthesizers, Jano's goal is to share, create new sounds, mix different cultures, languages, and express everything in psytrance.