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Black Mare
Wednesday, April 18
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
post punk.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$12 day of show.
Performing Live:

Black Mare
Foie Gras
Silence In The Snow
Black Mare is Sera Timms' solo project and it has captivated audiences since the first note of her debut, "Field Of The Host". After a stunning split release with Church of Ra's Syndrome, she is ready to embark on "Death Magick Mother", which embodies the power of music to create, effect and destroy, and is a stunning sophomore release. Listening to her ethereal voice, it's no surprise that Black Mare was invited to perform at the recent Womens' Mass benefit hosted by The Satanic Temple - there is an electric atmosphere to her music that makes hairs stand on end and skin break out in goose bumps, as if she's harnessing the electromagnetic waves traversing the earth with her voice and directing them with purpose at our self-harming species. "Ingress to Form" is about what makes humanity beautiful - our capacity to love deeply and wholly.

Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair. Wake up, this is where your daughters have wandered off to.

Enter Silence In The Snow, who appear to have mixed the dark, deliberate dram of post punk with the lush soundscapes of dream pop, through what can only be described as musical alchemy. With their debut album, this Oakland duo have created their own unique sound of equally sparse and expansive measures.

We are sorry to report that Glaare will not be performing.