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8bitSF presents
Pow x7: Bonus Round
Friday, March 23
8pm - after hours.
chiptunes. video game music.
$10 advance;
$15 day of show;
$5 with GDC badge.
Performing Live:

Like Luke (NYC/LA)
Boaconstructor (Seattle)
Together We Are Robots (Calgary)
Space Town (South Bay)
Doctor Popular (SF)
Neon Death Cat (LA)

Live visuals by:

Dr!p (Detroit)
Mediapathic (Interzone)
Idiotbox Visuals (Manchester UK)
Vico Vault (SF)

With DJ:

Formica (East Bay)

Dazzle Room:

Mr. Smith
8bitSF and Monobomb Records close off GDC week with an epic evening of chiptune revelry!