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Death Guild
The Darkest Night
Monday, October 30
And Every Monday
9:30pm - after hours.
gothic. industrial. synthpop.
$5 advance;
$5 < 10pm;
$10 after.
Main Room:

Joe Radio
Melting Girl

Above DNA: The Hanging Garden

Davey Bones
Lori Lust

Lounge: The Witching Hour

Daniel Skellington

Plus: Hubba Hubba Revue! 10pm - 11:30pm! Featuring:

Asimov Atomsmasher
Layne Fawkes
Ava Lanche
Kiki La Chanteuse
Boysinberry Cupcake
Vala Marv'elle
Sophilya Leggz
Livinia Enhelle
Lula Applebruise

Hosted by:

Dr. Kingfish & Maggie Motorgoth

Cash prizes! Midnight costume contest!
Death Guild is the oldest weekly goth/industrial dance night in the country, and the second oldest in the world! Every Monday, six DJs in two rooms play a mix of gothic, industrial, synthpop, noise, ambient, and weird stuff for those who love the darker side of things.