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Fury & Gag
Thursday, August 10
doors @ 9pm;
show @ 9:30pm.
hardcore. punk.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Fury (OC)
Gag (Olympia)
Protester (Washington DC)
Primal Rite (SF)
Firearm (SF)
Fury certainly lives up to its name with an explosive album and a scorching live show that has repeatedly carved it's way across the states making fans left and right. The fiery delivery of the vocals, the ripping guitars and pounding rhythms make for some of the best hardcore music put out in years. Fury has defined their own sound.

Gag, from America's punk capital Olympia, Washington, are a hot new hardcore band sweeping the Usa, playing for literally dozens of adoring fans every night, dominating the national conversation-or at least the national hardcore message boards. There's a knowing, jokey bravado to the band's image and album titles and artwork that belies the self-loathing inherent in their songs. There's, of course, noise and treble (the music is reminiscent of legends like United Mutation and the Germs), but the band's attention to bottom end also puts Gag well within the tradition of NYC hardcore and all the brawn and floor-punching that followed. Like all the best punk and pop, the songs are over before the listener can fully acclimate, but the bewilderment is part of the thrill. Sam Cooke and the Ramones knew to leave a motherfucker wanting more.