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Fit For An Autopsy
Thursday, June 29
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 7:30pm.
all ages.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show.
Performing Live:

Fit For An Autopsy
Moon Tooth
Though the bulk of death metal deals with some pretty grisly subject matter, few bands' sounds match their contempt for society as well as Fit for an Autopsy. Purveyors of savage deathcore, the band's sound pairs lyrical misanthropy with pure sonic destruction, creating an assault on both the senses and sensibilities of listeners. Made up of singer Nate Johnson (formerly of "Through the Eyes of the Dead") and guitarist Will Putney (producer of "Like Moths to Flames and Misery Signals"), Fit for an Autopsy made their first splash in 2009 with the release of their politically charged EP "Hell on Earth". In 2011, Fit for an Autopsy released their brutal full-length debut, "The Process of Human Extermination" and have since carved a path of politically charged, voracious death metal that has not stopped regardless of any set back. Although they have endured some line-up changes, it has ultimately come together into a final and cohesive force of brutality. Fit For An Autopsy is complete. If it is hard, heavy and fast paced metal you want, you've come to the right place.