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DNA Lounge, Pinup Productions and Bane Shows present
Thursday, June 22
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 8pm.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Colombian Necktie
No Right
Wolf King
Zao (Greek for "Alive") is perhaps the first metalcore band with roots in the Christian music scene to enjoy a credible, respected position in the mainstream realms of hardcore and metal. Their Carcass-styled vocals have inspired a slew of imitators of their own. Multi-instrumentalist / drummer / founding member Jesse Smith has long been recognized as one of the best percussionists in heavy music. The band's lack of apprehension about straying from proven formulas, genre restrictions, and labels of any kind is astounding. Their live performances are nearly a thing of legend in the underground, with band members often flailing about, emoting, and connecting with the crowd with intense passion.