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Totally 90s Extreme!
Sunday, May 14
Mother's Day
doors @ 2pm;
show @ 3pm.
San Francisco, its been a long time coming, but the accidental phenomenon is coming BACK! DNA Lounge is collaborating with the best home team from Oakland to bring you the A game for this away game. Which means...

Totally 90s (mfers), EXTREME! Cuz in the 90s, it didn't matter if it was wrestling, snowboarding or mountain dew - everything was better when it was a little EXTREME!

The tradition of 80s Night has been incredibly popular annually in Oakland, and we've been saving this flip side of the coin for over 5 years! Plotting, scheming, waiting for just the right occasion. The time is now most ripe! But WAIT, there's always more...

We love our Friday nights in OAK but to give SF its own special feel we're doing a Sunday matinee! Yeah! So dress in your Sunday 90s best, show up in the reality of the warm bright sun by 3pm, and get daydrunk with the best crew of athletes/addicts the bays ever met. We pride ourselves on levels of consumption: knowledge, territory, alcohol.