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Bootie Mashup
#Resist Party
Saturday, May 6
And Every Saturday
9pm - after hours.
$15 advance;
$10 < 10pm;
$20 after.
Main Room:

Mashup burlesque from Hubba Hubba Revue, starring:
Yoko Taketani
Frankie Fictitious
Princess Peaches
Elyse Elaine
Jupiter Gatling
Kallisto D'Amore
Hosted by:
MC Kingfish & Maggie Motorboat
With DJs:
Adriana A

Lounge: Party Killers

Party Ben

Above DNA: She-Nanigans

Mixtress Shizaam
Forest Green

Dazzle Room: The Hideout


Drag Hosts:

Suppositori Spelling
Rock M. Sakura

Club photography:


Early Bird Drink Special: $7 cocktails until 10 PM! Free Bootie mashup CDs to the first 100 people!
Everyone is tired of social media slacktivism, just clicking the "like" button and pretending to be doing something that's going to get results. Well this week, Bootie Mashup gives you a way to dance your asses off while really working for the greater good, because Bootie donating all of its profits this week to the Human Rights Campaign and Indivisible, in an effort help the fight against discrimination, racism, and bigotry -- it's our #Resist Party! You get a night of dance floor filling fun while worthy non-profits get funds to help continue their work! Main Room mashup DJs Adriana A, Tripp, and John!John! keep you dancing through the revolution, while Hubba Hubba Revue gives you a defiant burlesque show that you definitely won't protest!

Upstairs in the Lounge, it's Party Killers with Party Ben and Mykill, as the pair throw down house remixes and more to make you dance, while in Above it's SHE-nanigans, with DJs Mixtress Shizaam and guests keeping the party hopping. Plus, The Hideout gives you a place to escape and get down to dark and dirty hip-hop and R&B in the Dazzle Room! All this, plus drag hosts Suppositori Spelling and Rock M Sakura, club photography by ShutterSlut, and FREE Bootie mashup mashup CDs to the first 50 people!

Launched in 2003 by San Francisco DJ duo A Plus D, Bootie was the first club night dedicated solely to the then-burgeoning bootleg mashup scene -- and is now the biggest mashup event in the world, with parties in cities across the globe. Winning various nightlife awards for the past 13 years, Bootie celebrates pop culture both past and present, keeping your brain guessing and body dancing with creative song combinations, providing the soundtrack for the A.D.D. generation.
2017 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2016 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2014 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2013 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2013 Best of SF:
"Best Event Producers"

2012 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2012 Best of SF:
"Best Event Producers"

2011 Best of the Bay:
"Best Dance Party"

2011 Best of SF:
"Best Club Night"

2010 Best of SF:
"Best Club Night"

2009 Best of SF:
"Best Club Night"
& "Best DJs"

2008 Best of the Bay:
"Best Party Producers"

2007 Best of the Bay:
"Best Club Night"

2006 Best of the Bay:
"Best Club Night"