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Dude York
Tuesday, March 7
doors @ 7pm;
show @ 7:30pm.
heavy pop.
all ages.
$10 advance;
$14 day of show.
Performing Live:

Dude York
Active Bird Community
The Grand Escape
Walla Walla, Washington is known for Washington State Penitentiary, expensive wine, sweet onions, hot summers, cold winters, and approximately one taqueria per every 2500 residents. At five hours away from anything resembling a major city, it's astoundingly isolated. And it was in this seclusion that pop enthusiasts Peter Richards and Andrew Hall started a thing called Dude York while everyone they knew was out of town.

Peter sang the songs and made as much noise as possible with an always overdriven guitar while Andrew, who had never played drums, hit every piece of their neighbor's drum kit. The tools were wrong, but the elements were there; this was pop music at maximum volume, indebted less to the garage rock phenomenon exploding in the West Coast than it was to Jonathan Richman, Swedish pop, and the ideal of contemporary timelessness. Small shows have gradually grown to larger ones with the likes of Mikal Cronin, The Oblivians, and Mudhoney. Increasingly obliterated home-recorded EPs followed and recognition from the media soon led to relentless national tours that have made the now trio into a well oiled heavy pop machine.