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8bitSF presents
Pow x6
Tuesday, February 28
8pm - 2am.
chiptunes. video game music. lofi.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show;
$10 with GDC badge.
Performing live:

Paladin Shield
Ben Prunty

Live Visuals:


With DJ:

Mr. Smith
In honor of the 2017 Game Developer's Conference, 8bitSF and Monobomb Records are proud to present POWx6 a celebration of the indie spirit. The POW party is a colossal night of sound + vision, featuring performances by some of the best acts in both gaming and chip music as well as demo tables and presentations by indie developers.

Trash80 is almost universally known in the Chiptune scene for his emotional, engaging and danceable compositions.

Moldover, hailed by many as The Godfather of Controllerism, is a charismatic one-man act and inventor, constantly cranking out new music and new gear which he uses to compose and perform a wide range of experimental electronic music. Sometimes singing, and almost always wielding a guitar covered in custom electronics, Moldover is an experience you'll never forget.

A_Rival is a hip-hop/electronic rapper/producer/game composer whose obsession for games powers his monstrous beats.

Crafting a contemporary musical experience drawn from his love of video games, international touring Producer/DJ/Artist GRIMECRAFT brings a bright glossy mix of candied electronic voices and samples set to a tune of nerd nostalgia.

Paladin Shield is an ancient musical entity that has existed since the beginning of time. Constituted of three mystical knights, they combine their elemental powers to keep the shadows at bay with pulse wave-infused melodies, fuzz-growled rhythms, thundering percussions, and haunting vocal harmonies.

Sintecta creates landscapes of experimental audio texture at the crossroads of dark ambience and electronic noise. Suitable for a dance party in a mausoleum.

Kenobit is obsessed with his Game Boy and uses it to perform anthemic, upbeat dance tracks, from Italy with love.

Ben Prunty is a game composer who made the soundtracks for FTL, Gravity Ghost, Dead Secret, and the upcoming Into the Breach. Now he's playing live versions of his game music along with original stuff, and it's all crisp chip melodies and filthy basslines; the musical equivalent of a Mantis boarding party.