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B Sides
InfoSec (Un)Conference
Sunday, February 12
9am - 6pm.
all ages.
Two days, two speaker tracks each!

Registration opens at 8am.

Speaker schedule, day 1:

Nick Mckenna (DNS attacks, a history and overview)
Aren Sandersen (Reducing "Mixtape to Master Key" Scenarios: How to block the Dark Army from mayhem using API-driven access control)
Brandon Enright (Gringo Warrior)
Christine Bachman & Robert Hermes (Lockpick Extreme)
Katie Ledoux (Security through Visibility)
David Tomaschik (Assessing the Embedded Devices On Your Network)
Daniel Popescu (Make Alerts Great Again)
Jen Ellis & Josh Feinblum (Weathering the Storm: The Art of Crisis Communications)
Niru Ragupathy & David Tomaschik (Exploiting Broken Webapps)
Jason Craig (Building an Effective Intrusion Detection Program)
Neal Mueller (BeyondCorp: Beyond "fortress" security)
Vivian Ho & Chris Steipp (Better SSH management with ephemeral keys)
Ilya Nesterov (Live Dissection: Anatomy of a Browser Based Botnet)
Russell C. Thomas (The Cyber Insurance Emperor Has No Clothes)
Arian J Evans & Steve Ginty (Advanced Internet dataset combinations for #ThreatHunting & Attack Prediction)
Alex Maestretti (Linux Monitoring at Scale with eBPF)
E. Coleen Coolidge (How to Build a Security Team and Program)
Anjum Ahuja (Tired of Playing Exploit Kit Whack-A-Mole? Let's automate)
Tony Martin-Vegue (Should I Pay or Should I Go? Game Theory and Ransomware)
Nate Cardozo & Kurt Opsahl (Ask the EFF)

Full schedule here.
BSides SF is an Information / Security conference that's different. We're a 100% volunteer organized event, put on by and for the community, and we truly strive to keep information easily accessible.

Presenters at our conference are engaging our participants and getting the discussions started on the "Next Big Thing", not preaching at you from the podium about last month's news. There are no "attendees" at a BSides event. Everyone is a participant, adding something of value to the conversations.

With some of the most passionate and influential infosec practitioners from around the country and the world coming to RSA Conference, BSides SF is the place to be. The mix ranges from "down in the trenches" engineers, to business leaders, thought leaders, and executive decision makers of all stripes.