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Death Guild presents
Sunday, December 11
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 9pm.
industrial. synthpop.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$18 day of show.
Performing Live:

Vore Aurora

With DJs:

Melting Girl
Ayria has become a bit of an icon in the underground electronic and industrial music scene with her unique style and music with an in-your-face sonic approach that combines electro, synth-pop, industrial, 80's dance, distorted gritty beats, haunting melodies contrasted with angry chanting all wrapped up with gothic pop structures and catchy hooks. Ayria has been intensively touring across the globe over the past 5 years gaining a very solid reputation for putting on energetic live performances with her keyboardist and electronic drummer in tow!

People have referred to Ayria as the darker version of Lady Gaga, or the industrial Madonna. Jenn grew up with strong and dramatic women like Madonna influencing her childhood musical tastes, but was always more a fan of the darker side of music and and fashion. Fans can once again expect a diverse and exciting show full of intense danceable and stompy electro songs with dark melodies as Ayria pushes further ahead to keep creating something unique and addictive.