Wednesday, November 23
9:30pm - after hours.
goth. glam. new wave. post punk.
Main Room:

Miz Margo
Dark Sparkle started in 1999 by bringing you "the darker side of the 70's and 80's." Through their 17 years they're reached into the darkest corners of the musical vault to bring you a unique mix of everything from goth to glam, new wave to punk, post-punk, big band, synth, and good old rock 'n' roll. There are no rules other than it have that feel that ties it all together. Dark Sparkle is happy to return to the main room of the DNA Lounge for their 17th annual holiday party. Come out to dance and hang out with friends, or simply find a dark corner to foster that holiday ennui in. Either way, this is going to be a hell of a party.