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Adore Delano
Sunday, October 30
9pm - after hours.
Gen. Adm.: $20 advance;
$25 day of show;
Meet+Greet: $40 advance;
$45 day of show.
Performing live:

Adore Delano
Saturn Rising
Vain Hein


Peaches Christ
Veruca Bathsalts
Kelly Lovemonster
Crafty Dough


Elaine Denham (Odyssey)
Robin Simmons (Odyssey)

Lounge: hosted by The Haus of Hoe (Nicki Jizz + Fiera)

Steve Fabus
Sergio Fedasz
Prince Wolf

Meet+greet is at 11pm.
If you are ready to party with sass, grace, and style, you are ready for Adore Delano. Adore, the drag persona of "American Idol" contestant Danny Noriega, took America by storm last year with her unique fierceness on "RuPaul's Drag Race." But if you think a pretty wig and amazing makeup is all Adore has to offer, you're dead wrong. Her new album, "Til Death Do Us Party," is an electro-pop romp through the party-hard mind of Adore. The album is part Cyndi Lauper emotion, part Bruno Mars-esque crooning, part NSFW dance tracks, and it's all set to a wide range of catchy EDM styles. From downbeat jams to hyperactive hip hop to pop tunes that even Katy Perry would be jealous of, Adore makes sure there is something for everyone. Her brand of punk attitude meets street couture princess is refreshing, no matter what part of pop culture you are entrenched in. Adore isn't aiming just for Drag Race devotees, her songs and live show rivals that of the big pop princesses, just on a smaller scale...for now...if all goes well, Adore could take over the mainstream. Get up close and personal with Ms. Delano via an energetic stage show with explosive potential. Remember, anyone who has cut her teeth on Drag Race and American Idol knows how to keep a live set filled with fun. Expect glitter, booze, lyrics about cruising, love, sex, and youthful indiscretion, and a non-stop roller coaster of fun. Be ready to dance your wig off!