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Dino & Luigi present
The Mr. T Experience
Friday, October 7
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
all ages.
Performing Live:

The Mr. T Experience
Captain 9s & The Knickerbocker Trio
The Four Eyes
Destroy Boys
The Mr. T Experience came out of the same Berkeley/ East Bay Gilman Street punk rock scene that eventually spawned Green Day and Rancid, but they are often left out of the history of this scene, or at least they rarely fit prominently into the punk rock genealogy. The Mr. T Experience (or MTX for short) played the same Ramones/ Buzzcocks/ Descendents-inspired punk-pop for years without gaining any of the commercial success of their peers but have attained a big cult following throughout the last tow decades. MTX still breathe fresh life into punk-pop with their goofy pop culture references and catchy melodies.