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Monday Night Hubba
Burlesque Nation Part Deux
Monday, June 13
And Every Monday
9pm - 11:30pm.
Gen. Adm.: $7;
Reserved Seating: $12.
Featuring performances by:

Foxy Tann & The Wham-Bam Thank You Ma'am's:
Foxy Tann
Jeez Loueez
Orchid Mei (Denver, CO)
Lili VonSchtupp (Los Angeles, CA)
Iris LeMour (Dallas, TX)
Buttercup Delight (Las Vegas, NV)
Kerri n' Fuego (Las Vegas, NV)
Miz Chaos (Portland, OR)
Selia Something (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Hosted by:

Foxy Tann & Maggie Motorboat
Our outta-towner burlesque guests just can't get enough of Hubba Hubba Revue! Come get one more shot of them in our cozy second-story clubhouse before they fly away to far-off lands!

Monday Night Hubba is the perfect way to start your week sexy: with cocktails, tease, comedy and a more intimate experience than Hubba's big monthly extravaganzas! Each Monday night is a fun-filled, shimmering showcase of local, national and international burlesque and variety talent -- and a chance to see the most dazzling debuts before they hit it big!