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B Sides
InfoSec (Un)Conference
Monday, February 29
Leap Day
9am - 6pm.
all ages.
Two-Day Pass: $25.
Two days, two speaker tracks each!

Registration opens at 8am.

Day Two Speakers:

Tomer Bitton & Udi Yavo (Sedating the Watchdog: Abusing Security Products to Bypass Windows Protections)
Ethan Dodge & Brian Warehime (Digital Intelligence Gathering: Using the Powers of OSINT for Both Blue and Red Teams)
Christine Bachman & Robert Hermes (TOOOL)
Rob Mann, Niru Ragupathy & David Tomaschik (Exploiting Broken Webapps)
Travis Smith (Sweet Security: Deploying a Defensive Raspberry Pi)
Alex Pinto (Sharing is Caring: Understanding and measuring Threat Intelligence Sharing Effectiveness)
Sean T. Malone (Planning Effective Red Team Exercises)
Kevin Bottomley (The Ransomware Threat: Tracking the Digital Footprints)
James Addison (Fraud Detection & Real-time Trust Decisions)
Dr. Ulrich Lang (Access Control in 2016 - deep dive)
Craig Young (Fuzz Smarter, Not Harder: An afl-fuzz Primer)
Anirban Banerjee (Using Behavior to Protect Cloud Servers)
Martijn Grooten (Elliptic Curve Cryptography for those who are afraid of mathematics)
Jeff Man (The Art of the Jedi Mind Trick)
Gadi Evron (APT Reports and OPSEC Evolution, or: These are not the APT reports you are looking for)
Michael Raggo (Mobile App Corporate Espionage)
John Bambenek & Hardik Modi (Sucker-punching Malware: A Case Study in Using Bad Malware Design Against Attackers)
Rachael Lininger (Why Can't We Have Nice Things? Conflict Resolution in Information Security)
Ryan Barrett (Employee Hijacking: Building a hacktober awareness program)
Ajit Thyagarajan (Advanced techniques for real-time detection of polymorphic malware)
BSides SF is an Information / Security conference that's different. We're a 100% volunteer organized event, put on by and for the community, and we truly strive to keep information easily accessible.

Presenters at our conference are engaging our participants and getting the discussions started on the "Next Big Thing", not preaching at you from the podium about last month's news. There are no "attendees" at a BSides event. Everyone is a participant, adding something of value to the conversations.

With some of the most passionate and influential infosec practitioners from around the country and the world coming to RSA Conference, BSides SF is the place to be. The mix ranges from "down in the trenches" engineers, to business leaders, thought leaders, and executive decision makers of all stripes.