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Turbo Drive
Dance With The Dead
Friday, February 19
9:30pm - after hours.
retrowave. electro.
Performing Live:

Dance With The Dead (Album release party)
Night Club

Turbo Drive DJs:

Meikee Magnetic

Dazzle Room: Death Guild

Joe Radio
Justin Pointer and Tony Kim started Dance with the Dead in 2013. Their sound is a blend of Metal, Hard Rock, and Heavily synthesized dance music (being deeply influenced by such artists as Daft Punk, Def Leppard, Deadmau5, Ministry, Metallica, etc.) They are also known for their remixes of classic songs from old 70s and 80s movies. The recently released their 5th album, "The Shape", to rave reviews.

Night Club's music has appeared in multiple television shows and the band composed all the music for the Comedy Central show Moonbeam City (featuring Rob Lowe) and the feature film Nerdland (featuring Paul Rudd). New Noise Magazine stated that Night Club "is the band that every '80s synth-pop outfit should be holding themselves up against" and the band was just listed in the highly esteemed Electricity Club's top 25 new electronic artists.

Turbo Drive is a night of new music that pays tribute to the retro-futuristic synth sounds of the 80s.

Think Blade Runner meets Miami Vice. Did you like the soundtrack to the movie Drive? We can't get enough of that. Fast Cars, neon lights, and sometimes, Robocop.

Featuring artists like: Kavinsky, Cut Copy, Barretso, Lazerhawk, Com Truise, Neon Indian, Chromatics, College, Anoraak, Electric Youth, Miami Nights 1984, 80's Stallone, Tesla Boy, DVAS, Futurecop!, The Outrunners, FM Attack, Flashworx, Mitch Murder, Noir Deco, Garth Knight, Power Glove, Protector 101 and much more!