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Allie X
Tuesday, December 1
doors @ 8:30pm;
show @ 9pm.
pop. electro.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Allie X
Pretty, Handsome
Allie X is a pop sensation -- or at least she will be one of these days in the not too distant future. Her music is dreamy, electronic-tinged pop, but she's not just your average pop star in training. That's what the "X" in her name is all about: mystery, a constant variable, something a little different. Allie X is more than just dream fluff, she's got some nightmare thrown in there as well. Crafting her image to match her odd, darker lyrics, her fashion sense runs the gamut from a sweeter Marilyn Manson to something you'd see on a haute couture runway. And her music spans a large range of genres, as well. The eighties influence looms large. But so does the modern, indie-pop sound. The dichotomy is what makes it fun: you see this cute girl prancing and singing sweetly, but she's singing about blood and guts reality. Fans of left of center pop artists, such as Grimes and Haim, and even more straightforward pop stars like her fan Katy Perry, will love Allie X. But so will the goth princesses, indie rockers, and art school kids. Allie X is alluring and mysterious enough to attract just about any pop music fan -- and she's got the chops to back it up. Allie, who is based out of LA but comes from the heart of Toronto, is classically trained, or at least attended the same arts academy that gave the world Josh Groban. So, besides her vocals always being on point, she knows how to stitch together sounds that will woo even the most discerning music nerd. On stage, she'll dance, spin, play her "x-a-cord," and say very little. She's got to keep the mystery alive, after all.