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The Phenomenauts
Friday, November 27
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$15 day of show.
Performing Live:

The Phenomenauts
Flexx Bronco
Slime Girls
Lost Ritual
The Phenomenauts have been going strong for fifteen years, now. It's almost hard to believe. The five piece burst forth from the Oakland (aka Earth's capital) that existed simultaneously in both the year 2000 and the future. Science fiction rock and roll with plenty of glammy costumes and new wave sounds is the Phenomenauts' bread and butter, while rockabilly, new wave, and punk are all touched upon. And while they may do things a little differently now (gone are the days of guerilla shows in front of every stop of the Vans Warped tour), the band's heart remains the same. These are the guys who riffed off of a Phillip K. Dick novel, donned spaceman pen names (like Commander Angel Nova and Major Jimmy Boom), proudly stood up for atheism, and aren't afraid to wear, let's face it, costume-y futuristic get ups and sing about robots. And, perhaps the coolest Phenomenaut fact, their song "Infinite Frontier" was played on the International Space Station. After all these years and a few line up changes, these local boys have gathered a sizable following with their tongue in cheek lyrics and "rocket roll." Live shows are where the band truly shines: imagine a nerded out Flaming Lips that bring you slightly geekier special effects. Instead of those huge homemade hands that shoot laser beams, you have the "streamerator" which shoots out rolls of toilet paper. You can't resist dancing, especially when you are encompassed with heavy fog machine fog and realize that nobody will be able to judge your moves.