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Odd Salon
Tuesday, November 17

Michael Solazzo (Every Blade Has Two Edges: The High Cost of Vengeance)
Daniel Cohen (Attribution and Retribution: Lighthouses, Nazis, and Rabbits)
Marci Bennett (The Unkindness of Ravens: A Corvid's Cunning)
Isolde Honore (Going Medieval: The Ferocious Vengeance of Jeanne de Clisson)
Kurt Larson (JUSTIFIED: Hollywood-Sanctioned Violence Porn)
Meeks Baker (May You Live In Interesting Times: Tales of the Vexed and Hexed)
Stories of retribution & ruthless vengeance, ceaseless vendettas, satisfaction served cold & the many unpleasant forms consequences can take.

Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else. Odd Salon is a series of cocktail hour lectures, featuring short talks illuminating extraordinary and unusual chapters from history, science, art, and adventure. We invite experts and amateurs alike to have a drink with us and share inspiring and strange tales so we can all learn something new -- from legends of lost cities to masters of art forgery, engineering failures to murderous sideshow performers, daring heists, questionable taxidermy, and tales of epic revenge. Twice monthly at DNA Lounge!

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