Sunday, October 18
9pm - 2am.
Gen. Adm.: $69;
Front Row Seating + pre-show Meet+Greet: $100.
Performing live:

It ain't every day that you get to see a group of Bangkok's prodigal pop band sons return. I mean, with the way touring works, it's pretty unusual to get a chance to see a band from Thailand, let alone one that rose to fame back in the 90s. Apparently 30-something Thais are just as nostalgic as 30-something Americans, which led Nuvo to get the band back together. They started as high school friends who loved rock music, and ended as a top selling Thai band. In the 90s, these boys, now men, were heartthrobs, and not much has changed -- the style, the attitude, the music is all still there. If a little more mature. Joe, John, and Kong, the three main band members (there were formerly six members of the band) recently began playing again after a decades long break by putting out the word on social media that they were going to show up and play a show for free. To be honest, Nuvo's hiatus was short -- they never fully went away. They each had made names for themselves on TV in Thailand, but probably couldn't resist the feeling and energy of being on stage together every couple of years. Think the Monkees, but Thai 90s rock. Adoring fans turned out in droves, and now the USA gets the Nuvo reunion that they may not have known they wanted -- but are sure to enjoy. See these grownup heartthrobs jam together once again, they've come a long way since playing Prince and Duran Duran covers -- and they've come a long long way to play for US audiences.