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Odd Salon
Tuesday, September 29

Kurt Larson (The Disturbing Perturbation of Mercury & the Search for Planet Vulcan)
Besha Grey (Misfit Sounds: Bloops, Hums & the Loneliest Whale)
Marcus Marchesseault (Beasts of Paradox: Sailing Serpents, Sea Slugs & Sneaky Spiders)
Aimee Pavy (The Mystery of Bimini Road: Science vs. the People of Atlantis)
Amber Guetebier (Rotten Botany: The Corpse Plant & Other Botanical Oddities)
Hernan Pelassini & Rebecca Joseph (WOW! 72 Seconds of WTF from Space)
Stories of deviation & aberration, oddities, eccentric orbits & isolated ecosystems run amok.

Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else. Odd Salon is a series of cocktail hour lectures, featuring short talks illuminating extraordinary and unusual chapters from history, science, art, and adventure. We invite experts and amateurs alike to have a drink with us and share inspiring and strange tales so we can all learn something new -- from legends of lost cities to masters of art forgery, engineering failures to murderous sideshow performers, daring heists, questionable taxidermy, and tales of epic revenge. Twice monthly at DNA Lounge!

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